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Races – The Klyarulf

A dynamic and competitive people from a harsh world, the Klyarulf are a rare sight in the galaxy at large. Naturally inclined to seek the comfort of a pack, they are seldom found alone amongst the stars, and those who do leave their homeworld to play the space-ways are seen as heroes by their peers.

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Children of the Burning World

Kharr, the Burning World, is a scorching hot, arid globe that lies just barely inside it’s sun’s habitable zone. By day vast red deserts shimmer in the heat, and only the night brings relief. Unlike primitive human cultures, who revered the star Sol, the early Klyarulf regarded their sun as a terrible destroyer, and believed the stars of their moonless night-time sky to be celestial guardians...

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Races – The Merlene

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Today we resume our planned weekly series of lore updates, with a look at one of the older civilizations of Explored Space: the Merlene. A humanoid felid race from a lush, open world, Merlene are a spiritual people ruled over by an ancient line of queens. Matriarchal, the males of the species are seldom seen abroad in the wider galaxy. Those expecting a demure people, however, are often disappointed for the Merlene are fierce, proud warriors, with a code of honor that has lasted centuries, and… some whisper… a secret well worth protecting.

Ancient Roots

Massenra, the Merlene homeworld is a high gravity planet of flat terrain, blessed with endless verdant fields and fast flowing rivers...

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Races – The Bernard

Bernard are large by Terran standards though not giants, most standing almost 2 meters tall with large, thickly muscled, humanoid bodies covered almost completely in soft fur. Warm-blooded mammalian creatures, they have broad faces and broad, barrel chests, resembling nothing so much as the great bears of ancient human myth. Females and Males are sometimes hard for other species – especially fur-less ones – to tell apart, but to other Bernard the distinction is obvious, with females slightly larger, and having rounder faces and bellies. They breathe a familiar nitrogen-oxygen mix and can eat almost anything – true omnivores – making it easy for them to survive alongside humans.

For as long as their history records, the Bernard have been a communal society...

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