Updates – Fund Raising

With the donations that we’ve been getting, both from the GoFundMe and local private contributions, we have been updating the systems we have as well as buying some art assets.  We do hope that contributions do continue.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the lateness of this update (nearly two months).  We have had various system issues, pushing the limits of our system.  We are back up and running, developing world maps and individual star system maps.  With the damage repaired, we are up and running again.

Now on with the news.

Through the GoFundMe we have been able to buy some art assets for the stars and planets, and with the private contributions, we have upgraded our system.  Though it is still low end by current standards, it will be the minimum testbed for game performance.  We hope however, that with the improved systems, we will be able to roll out playable demos soon.

These playable demos will be for specific maps, testing combat.  You know that means alpha testing.  These will be in browser until we start tying the different systems together.

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