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Races – The Bernard

Bernard are large by Terran standards though not giants, most standing almost 2 meters tall with large, thickly muscled, humanoid bodies covered almost completely in soft fur. Warm-blooded mammalian creatures, they have broad faces and broad, barrel chests, resembling nothing so much as the great bears of ancient human myth. Females and Males are sometimes hard for other species – especially fur-less ones – to tell apart, but to other Bernard the distinction is obvious, with females slightly larger, and having rounder faces and bellies. They breathe a familiar nitrogen-oxygen mix and can eat almost anything – true omnivores – making it easy for them to survive alongside humans.

For as long as their history records, the Bernard have been a communal society...

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Lost Earth, The Beacons, and the History of Inter-Stellar Travel

The End of The Earth

The human race of Celestial Forge are survivors of an ancient cataclysm. Their legends speak of a great disaster that threatened the very existence of their species. Though technologically primitive at the time, they knew they could no longer survive on their home-world – the now-mythical planet Earth – and so built great ships with which to spread to the stars. Slow, primitive vessels, they crossed the great void with fusion engines and solar sales, their human cargo stored in suspended animation, to find a new home-world far away.

It took thousands of years of hardship to rebuild on their new home, but humans are a determined people, and eventually they populated and tamed their new home...

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And So It Begins


This is the first in what we hope will be a long series of weekly updates from the team here at Dragon Curve Games. Development has been going on in earnest for the last week on our flag game, Celestial Forge. Future updates will reveal more about the races, mechanics, progression systems, and so forth of the game. We wanted to start off, though, with a brief overview of what our dev team has been doing for the past few weeks to try to put together the basic framework of the game. At the moment the team is small, and completely volunteer, so for many people it’s been a process of learning as they create. So far we’ve had two main foci…

Building The Heavens

Celestial Forge is a truly vast MMORPG and the last few weeks have been occupied with laying the basic groundwork for the universe...

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